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RINGSPANN is single-mindedly driving forward with its product offensive in the field of shaft couplings. It is a key pillar of the company’s international one-stop-shop strategy and also fuels the expansion of the range of standard couplings available at short notice that can be ordered via the online shop. Designers and procurers can now find a considerable range of rigid, torsionally rigid and elastic shaft couplings for the realisation of high-performance drive trains.

Bad Homburg, April 2021. – On the way to becoming a globally present one-stop supplier for high-quality drive technology components, digitalisation and internationalisation are among the most important catalysts for RINGSPANN. Against this backdrop, the German company attach great importance to the systematic expansion of its Internet platform. Whenever new products are added to its range, they are also included in the growing scope of products in RINGSPANN’s online shop. The portfolio of rigid, torsionally rigid and elastic shaft couplings is currently developing particularly dynamically. It has been expanded in recent weeks and months by numerous additional series, which can now also be selected and ordered directly through the online shop. The online innovations are primarily additional jaw couplings, gear couplings, pin and bush couplings and flange couplings - all of which are shaft couplings that cover a very wide variety of drive applications in plant and machine construction as standard solutions.

Rigid or torsionally rigid coupling

The Tru-Line flange-couplings of the RFK...TBO series, which have just been added to the RINGSPANN online shop, belong to the group of rigid shaft couplings and are suitable for producing backlash-free conical clamping connections. They exhibit a compact design and impress with a small axial space requirement, which is why they are recommended, for example, for use in drive units or belt drives with limited space. The three new gear couplings of the RDZ…DTO, RDZ…DFO and RDZ…EEO series available in the online shop are also extremely compact. They are torsionally rigid shaft couplings. Depending on the design, they can transmit torques of up to 391,500 Nm without significant rotational angle offset and compensate for axial, radial and angular shaft misalignment. The RINGSPANN series RDZ…DTO and RDZ…DFO are primarily designed for applications in heavy industry and mining technology, as well as in pumps, conveyor belts and fans. The RDZ…EEO shaft couplings, on the other hand, designed as a steel-polyamide combination, are characterised by low weight and are suitable for fluid technology applications (hydraulics, pumps) at temperatures from -25° C to 100° C.

Elastic and maintenance free

The biggest expansion of the RINGSPANN online shop could be found in the category of elastic shaft couplings for vibration-damping torque transmission. Here, the selection available online grew to include the four jaw coupling series REK...DCO, REK...DGO, REK...DHO and REK...DGZ, as well as the pin and bush coupling series REB...DCO. The jaw couplings do not require lubrication and can be supplied with a declaration of conformity with ATEX 2014/34/EU if required. Depending on the type, they have curved jaws (DCO), encapsulated elastomer elements (DGO), encapsulated elastomer elements and two-piece hubs (DHO) or encapsulated elastomer elements and spacers (DGZ). Typical applications for these shaft couplings are the drive systems of pumps, fans, crane trolleys, machine tools and conveyor belts. In terms of transmissible nominal torques, they cover a range from 34 to 169,000 Nm, depending on the version. The REB...DCO pin and bush couplings in the RINGSPANN range, which can now also be ordered via the online shop, are designed for shaft applications with much higher torques of up to 1,299,500 Nm.

All relevant types

With its current total range of 22 shaft coupling series, representing almost all currently relevant types in mechanical and plant engineering, RINGSPANN offers designers, product developers and engineers great freedom to realise rigid, torsionally rigid or elastic connections between shafts, gearboxes, motors and machines. The company’s online shop now covers the bulk of this portfolio thanks to recent expansions. Catalogues, data sheets, operating instructions and 3D CAD data are also available here for free download. ms